About Us

Centennial Herefords was established in 1993. Originally at Blayney, females were purchased from studs such as Moorlands, Courallie and Lyonbank. In 2001 Centennial moved to its previous location, Cloven Hills Coolah N.S.W, 1.5hrs North East of Dubbo. Currently residing at 'Yarranalla' Holbrook NSW, Centennial Herefords is made up of 150+ stud Hereford and Poll Hereford cows.

Centennial Herefords have strict criteria that all cattle must adhere to. Females are continually being assessed, any not up to scrat,ch are culled and remaining heifers are then joined to calve down at around 2yrs of age. These young cows are then assessed again when they wean their first calf, all cows that stay in the herd must produce to our satisfaction.

Bulls are analysed even more intensely. Visual assessment and semen testing are just some of the tools used to accurately determine that the animal is right to go in to your breeding program.

All cattle, male and female are Breedplan recorded for growth and carcase, and have been since the very beginning. For this reason we believe that our data, especially carcase data is more accurate than most and is a very valuable tool in selecting bulls, but should always be used as a guide, visual assessment of bulls and females is still considered necessary.

Inspection of our cattle program is welcome anytime.